This morning while I checked the conditions early…..

I went to a couple of my favorite surf spots this morning and checked the surf conditions early choosing a location to jump in. Conditions, direction and wave size are all some of the factors to make me choose where to have my morning surf session.

This morning there was a

Surfers Moon at Laimana

surfers moon.  It was awesome! I jumped in right here (when it was a bit more daylight)….at Laimana. Well thats the old name of this spot and most people these days do not know that name….but I like it best, so I will call it Laimana.
I had a extra fab session this morning this swell is building. Just in time for the Shane Dorian contest tomorrow!


  1. Alice J. Kethley, PhD. says:

    Heidi, I love your new website almost as much as I love the “on the rocks and ocean” home
    which you helped me find and buy 12 years ago. You are a joy to know and to work with—
    helping folks like myself find their ideal and dream home in Hawaii!!
    Mahalo, Ali

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